Aloha everyone!

I want to welcome you to our new site and tell you a little bit about how came to be,  what we hope for, and how this will benefit you and our community.


First, I'm a mom and I know how toys can be hoarded or pile up as the kids grow out of them.  That gave me the idea that renting would be a more economical way to let the kids get toys.  I figured it would allow more variety, the chance to try new toys out before buying, and teach the kids the difference between buying and renting.  So the idea was created to start an on-line rental business for toys and baby necessities such as car seats,  daybeds,  etc.


Once my husband and I made the commitment to do the rental business we had to learn a lot about rentals. We had to make decisions we've never made before and jump in whole-heartedly. We had to build a website,  start buying toys, organize the toys in our home and that was the fun part. Then the real work started! It took months to get the toys uploaded and descriptions written and so much more.

So, today we think it's time to start the real advertising, and let the public know what is available here on the big island of Hawaii. As the business grows we hope to expand to other islands.

 We hope you'll try out our service and  find out the benefits renting has for us all..  There is a section on "why rent?" which you can check out to find out more.

Be sure to sign up for the blog where we will be having sales, freebies and more.

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